July 20, 2024

July 20, 2024

Big Lie, Army Denies Backing Yahoo Boys In Edo

The Nigeria army has denied reports circulating in the social media that they are supporting internet fraudsters, popularly known as Yahoo Boys in Edo State.

Reacting on Tuesday, Captain Yemi Sokoya, Asst. Director Army Public Relations dismissed the report.

According to the statement, the Brigade stated that the report is “bereft of truth and therefore entirely misleading, saying the report is nothing short of an attempt to spite the image of the Brigade and by extension the Nigerian Army.

“The unsubstantiated allegations could be viewed as an attempt to defame the Brigade, despite the selfless efforts of its troops in ensuring security in Edo and the contiguous states.”

Recall that some online media outlets of February 14, 2022, alleged that two Army officers; Captain Ayegba and Captain Okakah, who are both Commander of Operation WABAZIGAN, a security outfit set up by the Godwin Obaseki administration in Edo, and Okakah, Officer-in-Charge (O/C) of Military Police at 4 Brigade, Benin, were allegedly living beyond their means and emboldening the Yahoo boys, who recently “sprayed” Okakah over N4 million at a social event.

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