July 19, 2024

July 19, 2024

Kogi: Gunmen On Rampage, Abduct 10 People At Ajaokuta Rail Station

Some unknown gunmen have stormed the Ajaokuta Rail Station in Kogi state, abducting 10 people in the procession of their operation.

Security Focus learnt that the attack which occurred around 2pm as the gunmen, who were kitted with fire arms also opened fire on a man identified as Dennis and killed him instantly.

It was also gathered that the kidnappers have contacted one of their victims’ families and demanded a N20 million ransom.

A resident of Ajaokuta, Dele Ajala said, “the latest kidnap has plunged some of the victim’s family into sorrow. This just goes to show how insecure the country is. There is a need to reinforce the state with adequate police officers to counter this kind of issue. Robbery, kidnapping has now become legal business in the country.

“It is appalling to see people fall victim to kidnapping on daily basis. This shows that the people cannot trust their government to secure them anymore”.

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