June 19, 2024

June 19, 2024

Desist From Smuggling Contraband Goods, Custom Warns Smugglers

The Nigerian Customs Service has promised non-compliant traders that they will meet their waterloo in an attempt to smuggle contraband goods into Nigeria if they do not change their ways.


DC Faith Ojeifo, Coordinator, Controller General, Custom’ Team ‘B’ Strike Force, made the disclosure when parading smuggled goods seized by his team with duty paid value of N148.5 million in Kaduna State on Friday.


According to DC Ojeifo, the seizures were made within the month of April 2022, across the Strike Force Team’s area of operation covering the entire North-West and North-East of Nigeria.


He explained that his team has created a system that is withstanding the onslaught of smugglers, stressing that despite the hostile security environment, the team has been able to collaborate with other security agencies within the region.


DC Faith Ojeifo stated, “Between April 1st and 30th, my team has been able to seize 2,090 (50kg) bags of fertilizers with a Duty Paid Value of N31,563,000.00. This seizure is particularly significant when we consider the implications of these goods landing in the wrong hands. Indeed in Nigeria today the importation of fertilizers is highly regulated. Without an End-User Certificate it cannot be allowed to enter the market.”


He said that the unit also made seizures of 643 bags of foreign parboiled rice with a Duty Paid Value of N16,718,000.00 and 211 bales of used clothing with a DPV of N37,024,000.00, adding that other items seized are 428 cartons of imported spaghetti, 2000 litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and one used vehicle all 3 items having a DPV of N3,911,400.00, bringing the total DPV of all seized items to N90,570,400.00.


The Coordinator further explained that within the same period, the unit recovered duties amounting to 32,338,051.00 from demand notice issues to defaulting importers.


Furthermore, he explained that the team detained 7 units of vehicles with a DPV of N57,960,000.00 on suspicion of import irregularities, pointing out that these items are still under investigation to unearth the facts around their importation.


DC Faith Ojeifo stated that his officers have remained watchful and resolute in their assignment and continued to encourage compliant traders to avail themselves of the assets of the Service to carry out their legitimate businesses.


He strongly advised non-complaint traders to change their ways as they are sure to meet their waterloo at the hands of officers of this unit if they do not.


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