June 15, 2024

June 15, 2024

Police Make U-Turn, Say Kano Explosion Caused By IED Substances

The police in Kano have said the explosion that rocked the city on Thursday was as a result of “mixed Chemical/Gas reactions exposed to a source of heat, such as fire, spark or increase in pressure resulting in combustion/shock waves, creating an explosion which can have shattering effects.”


The police had earlier suggested the explosion was caused by a welding accident.


But in a statement on Saturday, the police said preliminary investigations revealed toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials at the scene of the explosion.


“Preliminary investigation revealed that, among the 9 victims of the explosion, one of them deals in illicit storage of toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials,” the police statement, signed by spokesperson Abdullahi Kiyawa, said.


“He was later identified as Michael Adejo (now late).”


According to the police, items recovered at the scene include: “Five (5) Bottles of different brands of Acidic Liquid; three (3) Bags of Potassium substance; One (1) Jeri can of mixed chemicals; Six and a half (6.5) Cartons of Snuff (Tobacco); and Five (5) Drums of Polymer (Chemical).


The police said arrests have been made in connection with the illicit materials.


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