June 20, 2024

June 20, 2024

Police Arrest 10-Year-Old Boy For Threatening Mass Shooting In Florida

The U.S. police arrested the juvenile suspect, a student at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral, Floridaand charged with making a written threat to conduct a mass shooting.


His identity can’t be revealed due to his age.


After he allegedly sent the threatening text, the School Threat Enforcement Team was immediately notified and began analytical research, police said.


The Youth Services Criminal Investigations Division assumed the case due to the age of the child. Police arrested the boy on Saturday, May 28 after detectives interviewed him and determined probable cause for his arrest.


His threatening text comes after the deadly mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers.


“This student’s behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said.


“Making sure our children are safe is paramount. We will have law and order in our schools! My team didn’t hesitate one second…NOT ONE SECOND, to investigate this threat.”


“Right now is not the time to act like a little delinquent,” Marceno also said.


“It’s not funny. This child made a fake threat, and now he’s experiencing real consequences.Coming out forcefully on social media against would-be killers.”


“You don’t get to shoot our children. You bring deadly force in this county, we are going to kill you.” Marceno added.


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