June 19, 2024

June 19, 2024

PVC: Uproar As Igbos Allege Marginalisation, Claim Hoodlums Invaded, Injured Registrants in Lagos

…Alleged Attack Not Base On Igbos, Police React


…COSEYL Condemns Attack On Igbo Ttraders


There was a mild drama on Thursday at Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos after Igbo traders who had shut down their shops to register for PVC were attacked by hoodlums.


According to reports, officials of the international market had instructed that all shops be shut down to allow their members ample time to get their PVCs at the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC office in the Igbede area of Ojo.


Following the aforementioned ultimatum, there was a massive turnout of traders, mostly of Igbo extraction at the registration point.


However, while the registration exercise was ongoing thugs armed with machetes, sticks and clubs were said to have stormed the venue to disrupt the process and also made moves to cart away INEC machines but they were overpowered by the traders.


Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police Force, Lagos State Command, has reacted to attacks on Igbo traders at the Ojo local government area after shutting down the Alaba International market to enable them register and obtain their Permanent Voter’s Card on Thursday.


But the Lagos State Police Command said that the attack was not about Igbos.


The Command’s spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin in reaction posted on his Twitter handle @BenHundeyin stated “First, this wasn’t about Igbos.”


He added that though the entire Alaba International Market decided to close down today to enable the traders register for their PVCs, a phased closure would have been better.


Hundeyin said, “First, this wasn’t about Igbos. These are the true facts behind the trending videos. The entire Alaba International Market decided to close the market today to enable the traders register for their PVCs.


“A phased closure would have been better. Consequently, the Ojo Local Government venue of the registration was besieged by a mammoth crowd. The situation was made worse by the fact that only one registration terminal was working. One of the people who came for registration made trouble and was challenged by those around.


“Going by simple probability, the attacker or the attacked is very likely to be Igbo. They were simply large in number. However, giving this incident ethnic coloration would not help matters.


“The entire episode lasted a few minutes. Sadly, recordings from those few minutes are still travelling far and wide. Normalcy has since returned and the Divisional Police Officer there is fully in charge of the security situation.”


I like said, Igbo are the most political advanged group in Nigeria considering their huge presence in every corner of the country, this potential has never been trapped. pic.twitter.com/gEpcbxtzxs

— Columbus (@Chude__) June 7, 2022


Thugs Flogging Alaba Traders that went to Register for PVC at Igbede Ojo Alaba Lagos 🥺😡


RT for the World to seepic.twitter.com/kqBs3O2fWg

— OBIdient FC (@OBIdient_FC) June 9, 2022


So Igbo traders closed Alaba market to register for PVC in Ojo Lagos, but thugs were sent to attack them. Igbos don’t vote, but you won’t allow them to register. When they cry now, y’all will say, “Igbos & their victim mentality.” Bcos, it works all the freaking time. Naija..🤣🤣

— NEFERTITI (@firstladyship) June 9, 2022


First they sponsored a faction of Labour Party against him, now Igbo traders closed Alaba market to register for PVC in Ojo Lagos, but thugs were sent to attack them.Peter Obi doesn’t have structure. How come your structured candidates are so intimidated by his personality.

— DR.PENKING™ 🇦🇺🇳🇬 #PeterObi (@drpenking) June 9, 2022


Please we must ensure that my brothers in Alaba get their PVC.

— oseni rufai (@ruffydfire) June 9, 2022


Igbo traders closed down Alaba market to register for PVC in Okoche LGA HQ today & Lagos thugs were sent to disrupt the process.


They attempted to carry the only @inecnigeria PVC machine at the center but the crowd overpowered them


This is unacceptable!pic.twitter.com/B28zSMKvIT

— Columbus (@Chude__) June 9, 2022


Igbo traders closed down Alaba market to register for PVC in Ojo, Lagos & thugs were sent to attack them. You won’t hear pim from those screaming “you people don’t vote”, but once we start highlighting these issues, they come to Gaslight you with “you people & victim mentality”.

— Ajị bussu onye mpiawa azu🏳️‍🌈 (@AfamDeluxo) June 9, 2022


The ever busy Alaba international Market closed its gates for traders to go and obtain their PVC. Now the people who went to obtain same are being stoned to daring to get PVC’s.


No other tribe ever faces such injustice except a group but it is good. We are watching.

— DEMAGOGUE PhD.💘senior advocat (@von_Bismack) June 9, 2022


For those who struggled to get their PVC registration in Alaba and environs please go to TBS tomorrow morning and get registered without delay. It takes approximately 15 minutes to compete your registration there. Don’t give up on this struggle. #VotePeterObi #LabourParty

— CFN 4 Peter Obi (@cfnwan) June 9, 2022


Igbo traders closed down Alaba market to register for PVC in Okoche LGA HQ today &Lagos thugs were sent to disrupt the process Bcs they said IGBOs won’t vote for Tinubu.This is the impending Disaster that awaits Lagos and Nigeria if Tinubu Wins.


The Audacity of Thugs will Rise!

— K-SOLO (@OBAKSOLO) June 9, 2022


When people tell you “well Peter obi supporters are only one twitter” tell them June 9 2022, alaba international traders closed their shops to get their pvc, fought thugs and won. That’s how deep rooted we are in the streets.#Peterobi4thestreets
— B.bosz (@_weyimi) June 9, 2022


Thugs are attacking igbos that went to Ojo to register for their PVC. They are scared of what is coming.


My simple suggestion the Chaiman of Alaba market should arrange with @inecnigeria officials to come to Alaba and do the Registration from shop to shop.

— Ebuka (@EbukaEgwuete) June 9, 2022


What happened at Alaba today is an evidence that Nigeria’s oppressors do not want her free from slavery and can go to any mile to achieve that. To curb this, we need to start involving security agencies when going enmass for PVC.
— Adebori adebayo m (@adebayoadebori) June 9, 2022


The ruling party has started rigging the 2023 elections by sending thugs to disrupt PVC registration at Alaba International Market.


The message is clear. We will not be discouraged. Peter Obi we know, Peter Obi we would campaign for.
— Labour Party Nigeria (@labourPartyNgUK) June 9, 2022


I urge all my brothers & sisters in Alaba, Aspanda, Ladipo and all these big markets in Lagos state not to give up in their quest to get their PVCs, no matter the intimidation and harassment that’s being meted on them. Go out and get your PVC, 2023 will be a different ball game.

— Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™ (@OlisaOsega) June 9, 2022


Also, the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, COSEYL, the umbrella body of all the youth groups in the South-East geopolitical zone have expressed their displeasure over the attack on Igbo traders who came to register for their Permanent Voters Card, PVC, in Lagos.


In a statement issued Friday by the presidency general of the Coalition, Hon. Goodluck Ibem described the attack by thugs against Igbo traders as wicked, barbaric, and unacceptable.


The youth group demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of those hoodlums who attacked Igbo law-abiding citizens who came to perform their lawful civic duties by registering for their PVC as required by law.


According to them for such an incident to occur in a voter registration centre shows a serious security lapse in the state.


He said: “The Commissioner of Police and other security agencies are not living up to expectation, Something urgent needs to be done to avoid a reoccurrence of such ugly incident.”


They warned those thugs and their sponsors not to dare such attack again on Igbo traders or else they will meet a corresponding response.


He said: “Nobody has a monopoly of violence. Enough of such insult on Ndigbo.”

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