April 21, 2024

April 21, 2024

Prof. Abel Warns FG, Says Bandits May Take Over Some States Before 2023

Former Political Adviser, and country representative to Uganda Joel Mudaiwa Abel, on Saturday, said the 2023 general election is far from being realistic going by all manner of evils, committed by Nigerians.


He said some bandits and insurgents may take over some states, making it difficult for the poor masses to exercise their voting rights.


Prof. Joel. a former lecturer in the Department of Political Science noted that there is no how a country with everyday banditry attacks, killings, stealing of billions of Naira, abduction of human beings, and inflation will conduct free and fair elections.


He said the country was a bit better in 2015, as bandits were not too pronounced, yet a sitting president failed the election.


He said already, many Nigerians, especially, the poor masses are tired of politics in Nigeria and are confused as to whom to vote to liberate them from incessant attacks and hunger.


He equally said that even if there will be elections, they will be hijacked by the ruling class, using all the powers within their reach, to install their preferred candidate


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