July 13, 2024

July 13, 2024

Kuje Jailbreak: Ghanaian Govt Commences Move To Check Possible Influx Of Escapees

Following the recent jailbreak at Kuje maximum prison located in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, where hundreds of inmates escaped, the Ghanaian government as part of measures put in place to guide against the possible influx of the escapees into the country has begun random search of hotels for undocumented Nigerian visitors.


Sunday Tribune reliably gathered from a senior Nigerian journalist, who was on a visit to Accra, Ghana, recently that Ghanaian immigration officials are now doing regular intervals visits to hotels across the country to get details of foreign guests in order to check whether some of the escapees from Kuje prison have found their way into the country.


Narrating his experience to Sunday Tribune, the journalist, an editor of a newspaper domiciled in one the SouthWest states of Nigeria, who craved anonymity, said: “I was in the hotel room one evening alongside my son and we heard a knock on the door.


“I told my son not to open the door, that he should just peep through and see who was knocking, and he told me he saw a police officer and that the officer had left.


“It was in the next morning that I was told that the man who came knocking was an immigration officer saddled with the responsibility of checking the records of foreign lodgers at the hotel.


“When I queried why the checks were being done, I was told by one of the hotel receptionists that it was as a result of the jailbreak at Kuje Prison, Abuja, Nigeria.


“An immediate past deputy governor of a South-West state in Nigeria, who was also a lodger at the same hotel told me he had the same experience.”


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