April 15, 2024

April 15, 2024

Drama As Nigerian Soldier Goes Viral For Acknowledging Little Girl’s Salute (Watch Video)

A Nigerian Army personnel has gone viral for acknowledging the salute of a little girl.


The beautiful scene, captured in a 30 seconds video, occurred in a banking hall this week.


The soldier, dressed in uniform, was standing in a queue waiting to be attended to by staff.





The girl then walked up to the military man who turned to her after noticing her presence.


Once she paid respects, the soldier acknowledged the salute by doing the same, eliciting several reactions on social media.


“You have to respect military training and discipline. See the way the soldier adjusted his legs when he knew he was about to receive salute. Bravo,” a Twitter user, Dolapo Mutiu, wrote.


@HQNigerianArmy should possess this video from the originator for their media and used for Armed Forces Day. Beautiful content,” another user, @achbishop tweeted.

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