May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Kano Mosque Set Ablaze Due to Inheritance Dispute -Police

Following claims of an unfair inheritance sharing, a man named Shafiu Abubakar willingly turned himself in to the Police for setting fire to a mosque in Kano.

The Kano Police have confirmed that 24 individuals sustained burn injuries in the incident.

Using petrol, Abubakar ignited the mosque while worshippers were present, leading to the trapping of individuals in Laraba Abasawa, Gezawa Local Government Area of Kano State.

Subsequently, the victims were rescued and taken to the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kano for treatment.

Abubakar informed the Police that his act of setting the mosque ablaze was in response to alleged unfair treatment he faced during the inheritance division within his family.

According to him, those involved in the inheritance dispute were present at the mosque during the incident.

In a statement, the Kano Police spokesperson, CSP Haruna Abdullahi Kiyawa, revealed that Abubakar voluntarily surrendered and is currently cooperating with the authorities.

“The main suspect identified and apprehended is Shafi’u Abubakar, 38 years old, who cited long-standing family disputes over inheritance, with individuals who he claims wronged him present at the mosque during the incident,” the spokesperson stated.

While investigations are ongoing with the suspect in Police custody, further details will be disclosed in due time.

The arson took place during the early morning prayers, with Abubakar using petrol to start the fire and trapping around 40 worshippers inside the mosque by locking the premises.

A community member, preferring anonymity, mentioned that it took some time for outsiders to notice the incident and rescue those trapped inside.

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