July 13, 2024

July 13, 2024

How We Repelled, Killed 12 Bandits During Kaduna Airport Attack, Brig-General Uriah Opuene Speaks

The military authorities have confirmed that they the bandits attack that took place at the Kaduna Airport happened six kilometres away from the Terminal and outside the Airport parameter fence.


Briefing journalists at the scene of the attack, Garrison Command 1 Division Nigerian Army, Brig-General Uriah Opuene said the Kaduna International Airport is secured adding there are several layers of security at the Airport that the bandits could not have dared to attack it.


It also said 12 of the bandits immediately given a hot chase were killed through airstrike.


“As you can see, this place is about six kilometers away from the Airport terminal. The bandits were only passing behind the airport parameter fence when they saw the security man engage by NAMA and they fired at him. They just took advantage of that to pass a message that they have attack the airport.


“There are several layers of security at the Airport, this is the first layer and even this first layer was not breached because from the moment of hearing that shot, it took our men just about three minutes to get here from the next layer of security.


“On arrival, the bandits were already running away. So we engaged them through the use of ground forces. Then we called for air strike and helicopter was deployed and from the air report, about 12 of the bandits were killed.


“So, as you can see from the distance, the insinuation outside that, the terrorists took over the Airport is not correct. If the terrorists had entered, they would have met us there,” he said.



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