May 19, 2024

May 19, 2024

Zamfara: Our Police Won’t Give Up Until All Bandits Surrender, Police Assure

The Zamfara State Police Command has assured residents that they would engage the bandits with all sense of seriously until they surrender their weapon.

The state police spokesman, SP Mohammed Shehu, said that there will be no going back on the fight against bandits, pointing out that the security operatives in the state have been engaging the bandits and other criminal elements on fire-for-fire operations.

He assured that peace would finally be restored in the state, saying that the security operatives could not work alone without the total support of the residents of the state.

“We have not relaxed our efforts in the war against bandits in the state but the residents think we are not working but that is not true,” he said.

According to him, the security agencies are enjoying unflinching support from the state government, stressing that the encouragement is boosting the efforts of the security agencies in the state.

“The police authority in the state has established various police outposts in various areas of the state. Our members are also dying as a result of their engagement with the bandits,” he added.

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