May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Bandits Storm 10 Communities In Niger, Kill Eight Persons, Injure Many

Eight persons have been allegedly killed and several injured in coordinated attacks by rampaging armed bandits in over ten villages in Lavun Local Government Area of Niger State.


The affected villages include Egbako, Ndaruka, Ebbo, Ndagbegi, Tshogi, Gogata and Ndakogitu.


Others are Satisu, Yekoko, Satifu and Sokiara communities in the council.


The bandits, numbering about 100, stormed the villages on Saturday at 4 pm and are still operating today, Sunday.


It was gathered that they ransacked each community and unleashed havoc on the residents and rustled an unconfirmed number of cattle.


A source from one of the affected villages stated that the bandits killed one person each at Ebbo, Tsonfadagabi, Tsogi and Kanko communities.


The source also revealed that at Gbacitagi community, the bandits stormed the venue of a wedding ceremony and abducted the bride as well as one other girl.


According to him, the gunmen destroyed vehicles of well-wishers and other properties as well as carted away all monies realized at the wedding ceremony and rustled a number of cattle belonging to the villagers.


However, while heading out of Gbacitigi community towards Akere community in Wushishi Local Government Area with the rustled animals, it was gathered that they got stranded as the only bridge connecting the village with Akere had collapsed.


The gunmen’s move to force the animals into the river failed, prompting them to abandon them and turn back and attack Satisu, Yekoko, Satifu and Sokiara.

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