July 19, 2024

July 19, 2024

Russia-Ukraine War: Battle Over Kyiv Will Be Fought In Coming Days, Says Ukrainian Advisor

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry Advisor, Vadym Denysenko, has said Russian troops are ready to storm Kyiv.


Denysenko said Ukraine and Russian troops would fight over Kyiv in a couple of days, NAN reports.


“We understand that the battle for Kyiv is a key battle which will be fought in the coming days,” Denysenko said.


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the central organ of the country’s military forces and oversees operational management of the armed forces under the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.


The current Chief of the General Staff is Serhiy Korniychuk.


In a bulletin issued on Monday, the Command said: “A fairly large amount of Russian military equipment and Russian troops are concentrated at the approaches to Kyiv.”


The Command said Russian troops aim to completely control the cities of Irpin and Bucha, which are located outside Kyiv.


Russian troops were also trying to provide a tactical advantage to reach the eastern outskirts of Kyiv through Brovarsky and Boryspil districts, it said.


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