May 19, 2024

May 19, 2024

Captain Umar Aliyu: “There’s Something Between Bandits And Buhari”

A retired Military Captain, Umar Babangida Aliyu has weighed in on the serious insecurity plaguing Northern Nigeria.


Speaking on Arise Television on Thursday, Capt. Aliyu expressed sadness at the current state of the country’s security setup. He explained that the Bandits are not Muslims as widely believed adding that there was ‘something’ between them and President Muhammadu Buhari.


“There is something between them and the Commander in Chief which he is not telling us”.


“These are people who rape people freely in the month of Ramadan. They are not Muslims. They have never been and they are not muslims and they have left no one in doubt that they are not”.


“Whatever is between them and Mr. president is only known to God”.


“There is a conspiracy of silence. There is a time that i said here that my President seems aloof about these things, it’s very odd. Remotely related as we are to victims, we tend to get the shivers when these things happen, it’s not showing in the commander in chief”, he said.


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