May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Police Arrest Man Who Reportedly Killed Wife Over Bread In Lagos

An Enugu man identified as Ndubisi Uwadiegwu has allegedly killed his wife, Ogochukwu Enene, over a loaf of bread in Lagos State.

It was reported that the deceased’s first son accused his father of beating their mother to death with a mirror for asking him to buy bread for them after saying he had no money.

The 14-year-old son explained that his mother used her money to buy one loaf of bread for the children, but Ndubuisi went into the kitchen and finished it.

When he was confronted for finishing the bread without keeping any for their children, Ndubisi allegedly beat her up with a mirror and his fists. She collapsed during the beating and died a few hours later.

Following Ogochukwu’s death, the husband allegedly fled and planned to bury her without informing her relatives.

Her death has sparked outrage, and many who knew her have taken to social media to demand justice for the deceased.

While lamenting her death, a source close to the family, reportedly said, “This is ADA Awka by name Ogochukwu Anene from Umuokpu village Awka. She was the senior prefect of Amenyi Girls’ Secondary School 2000 set. Please, Ndi Awka umunnem Old girls Association of GSSA Ogochukwu needs justice.”

Anthonia Ojenagbon wrote, ”I have spoken to the village in Lagos and the lawyer representing her family. It actually happened exactly the way the story was narrated. Ogochukwu was beaten to death by her husband. She left behind five children.”

Akata Victor said, ”May your beautiful soul rest in peace Ogochukwu Anene. Just because of bread, you pay with your life, and now your children will have to forge ahead without you. So sad.”

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