June 17, 2024

June 17, 2024

State Of The Nation: Embrace Love, Unity And Shun Violence, Oluwo Ifagbemi Fajobi Urges Nigerians

The Spiritual Head of Ijo Orunmila Adulawo, Oluwo Ifagbemi Fajobi, has urged Nigerians to come together and embrace love and unity, shun violence, especially now that God had helped us conclude peacefully the 2023 general elections in the country.

Oluwo Fajobi made the statement at the weekend during the 89th Founder’s Day Anniversary of the organization and 20th year anniversary of his stewardship as the head of the religious body.

The event took place at the Headquarters and worship center of the organization at Ososa, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Fajobi maintained that now that God had helped the country and indeed all Nigerians scale through the hurdle of the election, fuel scarcity and cashless policies among others, added that what requires of us now is to embrace love, unity and shun violence.

“Now that God had indeed answered us and helped us scale through the hazards of the general elections peacefully and in a miraculous way, fuel scarcity, cashless policies among others, what requires of us as a country is to embrace peace, continue to live in love and harmony and shun permanently all forms of violence in the entire nooks and crannies of the country”, Fajobi said.

He emphasized the need for Nigerians to rise above the challenges of tribalism, ethnicity and violence that have marred the post-election period.

He congratulated the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, and commended the efforts of all other contestants who played a crucial role in the democratic process, also
called for the prioritization of the empowerment of Nigerian youth and women through investment in their education and nurturing of their talents.

He noted that this would create a brighter future for all Nigerians and help address critical challenges facing the nation, just as he appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria to put the traditional worshippers in mind as far as August 20 Special Holiday is concerned.

Fajobi also shared his personal journey since enthronement as the Oluwo of Ijo Orunmila Adulawo in the past 20years, the achievement which was ascribed to the overall support received by the all heads of the organisation both at home and in diaspora, not forgetting the role played by the entire congregation.

Earlier at the event, commending the late founder of Ijo Orunmila Worldwide, Late Oluwo Adebanjo Osiga, the representatives of the children Ifaniyi and Adebanjo Osiga, said their father’s name had been opening doors for them across the globe, also appreciated the worshippers for their steadfastness and unrelenting efforts in immortalizing their father.

The children also congratulated the leadership of Oluwo Ifagbemi Adedotun Ifajobi, for keeping the flame of the religious body high with a lot of innovation and new development over the past twenty years since been on the throne.

Also in his sermon, Oluwo Akplogan Francis from Republic of Benin, called on all members to be united and do away with government of divisibility.

Commenting, the Chairman, Anniversary Commitee, Agbongbon Oludare Soneye, enjoined Nigerians to go back to the source, as this is the only solution to any problem that may come the way of the country with a straight forward solution.

Highlights of the event include prayers for the nation, our leaders both at the national, state and local government levels, with the opening of the Worship House at the headquarters of the organisation

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