June 15, 2024

June 15, 2024

Nigerian Brothers Extradited To US Over ‘Sextortion’ Of Young Men, Teenagers

Two brothers Samuel Ogoshi and his brother, Samson, have been extradited by the Nigerian government to the United States of America (USA) for allegedly sexually extorting young men and teenage boys in the State of Michigan and across the country.


Confirming the extradition of the brothers, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission revealed that they initiated the extradition proceedings at the Federal High Court, Abuja Judicial Division, against the Ogoshis alongside one Ezekiel Ejemeh Robert in May 2023, after they were nabbed for exploitation of minors and production of pornography.


This followed a request by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). While the Ogoshis were arrested sometime in February, 2023 around the Ojo axis of Lagos, Ezekiel was picked up in Nasarawa by operatives of the EFCC.


The Ogoshis and Ezekiel were indicted in a US Federal Court on December 1, 2022 on charges of exploitation of minors, resulting in death, conspiracy to sexually exploit minors by causing the minors to produce child pornographic images that the defendants now use to blackmail them.


They are further charged with conspiracy to distribute child pornography, which borders on sending images to minors, their families and friends, as well as conspiracy to commit stalking through the Internet.


Specifically, Samuel was charged with causing the death of 17-year-old Jordan DeMay of Marquette, Michigan, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in March 2022.


The trio allegedly hacked some social media accounts, posing to be young attractive women to entice unsuspecting victims to send their s3xually explicit photographs.


These pictures were then used to blackmail the victims, thereby forcing them into making huge financial payments. The offences carry a minimum of five years and maximum 20 years imprisonment.

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