July 13, 2024

July 13, 2024

Use Of Unauthorised Motorcycle Helmets: Police Arrest, Prosecute Suspects 

The Ogun Police Command, under the directives of Commissioner of Police, CP ALAMUTU ABIODUN MUSTAPHA, has taken proactive measures to address the use of unauthorized motorcycle helmets for criminal activities.


The police have started arresting individuals who wear tinted reflective helmets and pose as commercial motorcyclists to rob unsuspecting passengers.


It has become increasingly common for these criminals to wrap bandanas around their faces, leaving only their eyes visible, while wearing the unauthorized helmets as a disguise.


This method allows them to conceal their identities and carry out their illegal activities.


As a response to this growing trend, the police have successfully arrested nine riders who were found to be using these illegal methods to conceal their identities. These suspects are currently undergoing interrogation at the Ijebu Ode Police Station.


Among them are Joseph Itodo, Johnson Joseph, Ugwu Samson, Osinowo Seyi, and five others who were unable to provide a reasonable explanation for wearing unauthorized helmets and masking their faces with bandanas.


The Police urge passengers to exercise caution by conducting identity checks on motorcycle riders before getting on board. This precaution is essential to avoid potential kidnappings and robberies targeting unsuspecting victims. It is crucial for passengers to be vigilant, especially when dealing with fully masked riders.



The police will continue to provide updates and disseminate information to the public regarding this new trend while we seek to unravel the extent of this issue and further crackdown on those involved in such criminal activities.

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