May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Lagos Taskforce Clears Illegal Garages, Obstructions At Jibowu

The Lagos State Taskforce has taken decisive action to address illegal garages and traffic obstructions along the Jibowu corridor in the Yaba area of the state.

This is contained in a press statement issued by Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, Director, Press & Public Affairs, Lagos State Taskforce.

During a nighttime enforcement operation, 35 vehicles were impounded for illegal parking, causing significant traffic disruptions.

CSP Shola Jejeloye, the chairman of the agency, coordinated the operation.

He expressed concern about the self-centered behaviour of certain transport operators. These operators were deliberately occupying a substantial portion of the road to load goods onto their vehicles and pick up passengers.


Complaints from residents and commuters in the area prompted the state government to take action against the bus operators, who had turned the roadside into makeshift courier stations and mini garages.

Jejeloye emphasised that such actions not only impeded free vehicular movement but also resulted in increased travel time and unnecessary chaos, particularly after dark.

The impounded vehicles have been documented, and the owners will face legal consequences for their actions. Jejeloye stressed the importance of putting an end to these disruptions and assured that constant patrols and monitoring would be conducted along the Jibowu corridor, especially during times when such infractions typically occur.

He issued a stern warning to transporters and operators across the state, urging them to use designated parks and garages for their activities.

According to him, the tolerance for traffic congestion caused by illegal garages and parking is coming to an end.

Furthermore, he emphasised that traffic bottlenecks are not natural occurrences but rather the result of human activities that must be regulated and controlled.

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