July 13, 2024

July 13, 2024

Most Wanted Terrorist In Northwest Bello Turji Not Policeman, Police Clear Air

The Zamfara State Police Command has warned that one of the most wanted bandit kingpins, Bello Turjii, is not a policeman even though he wears police uniform.

According to a statement issued by the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, ASP Yazid Abdulahi, the uniforms are possibly from slain officers and raided police formations.

The Command was reacting to a photo of Turji in police uniform and a report claiming he is a police officer.

“It has been common knowledge in Zamfara State and in other places that where criminals operate they are found in real life or in social media using police uniforms and or uniforms of the other security agencies while perpetrating their nefarious acts of kidnapping for ransom, cattle rustling, and other inhumane acts to disguise their intent and or catch unsuspecting victims unaware.

“The police hereby make it clear that these bandits, particularly Bello Turji, were at no point in time members of the Nigeria Police Force nor affiliated with the institution in any way. Rather, the police have declared him, and others wanted for their acts against the State.

“Meanwhile, it is vital to note that the said bandits usually get such uniforms when they murder uniformed personnel or attack operational formations, hence their dressing usually differs, when looked at them keenly and intelligently, from the normal dress codes of those institutions, e.g. kaftan style camouflage, camouflage cap on black or denim uniforms, etc.

“It is also important to state that the disinformation in essence presumes that Bello Turji belongs to every other agency whose uniform he has adorned at other times.

“Conclusively, the Command urges the good people of Zamfara State in particular, and Nigeria in general, to disregard the deliberate disinformation which is an attempt to disrepute the great operational efforts of the Police and other agencies involved in the fight against banditry in the country.

“Well-meaning members of the public are urged to assist the command with the relevant information required to bring an end to these nefarious acts and bring about absolute normalcy in the state,” the statement read.

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