July 13, 2024

July 13, 2024

Internet Fraudster Nabbed After Attempting To Use Girlfriend For Money Ritual

An internet fraudster identified as Ifeanyi Kanu, has been arrested after attempting to use his girlfriend, Mmesoma, for money ritual.


In a video making the rounds on social media, Ifeanyi said he met Mmesoma in 2020 and recently tried to use her for money ritual.


He said he planned with his friend, Chiemela, to abduct Mmesoma so he could extort some money from her parents but later decided to use her for money ritual.

He said he visited a place where he was told to bring a cow for the ritual and that he presented a ram but the ritual did not yield any money.

He said he was then told to bring a human being because it would give him the money he required. He said there was no way for him to back out as the place was being run like a cult where every member must do what they’ve been asked to do.


He claimed he planned with his friend to invite his girlfriend over to his house where they will then tie her up and kill her for ritual purposes.

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