July 19, 2024

July 19, 2024

State Of The Nation: Ijo Orunmila Adulawo Support Transition To Parliamentary System

In the face of the current state of the nation, especially the hardship faced by nearly all Nigerians in every sector, the Spiritual Head of Ijo Orunmila Adulawo, Oluwo Ifagbemi Adedotun Fajobi, has urged Nigerians to throw their weight behind parliamentary system previously used in Nigeria’s First Republic.

Reading the communique of the first Congress of the group in the new year at their country headquarters in Ososa, Ijebu, Ogun State at the weekend, the Olori Oluwo and the Head of the group, who briefed journalists expressed their frustration with the expensive presidential system and the overbearing powers of the president.

Olori Oluwo expressed dissatisfaction about ineffectiveness and inability of the presidential system to find a lasting solution to problems in the country.

“It is high time we opt for the Parliamentary system of government and jettison the Presidential system of government, which in all honesty was not working for us as a nation. And on daily basis, prices of commodities had been skyrocketing and thus make life unbearable for all and sundry.

The proposal we traditionalists is seeking is to revert to the First Republic system with a prime minister, a member of parliament, serving as the head of government, similar to the British system”, Oluwo Fajobi said

In another development, the congregation appealed that Nigerians should not jettison traditional religion and ways of handling things, especially when putting political office holders in office.

The group hereby resolve that henceforth, we should recommend the use of traditional materials like Cutlass, locally-made gun and axe for our would-be-office holders, “this one would further instil fears in their minds as once suggested by the former Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile -Ife, Professor Wande Abimbola, because according to him” all of us have our traditional ways and would always act as check and balance because there was already a lay-down repercussions that if you do so and so, this would be the consequence or consequence as the case may be.

He also recalled the incidences of the traditional rulers either been kidnapped or killed, said they should be allowed to undergo all the necessary pre-kingship rituals (Ipebi), which would not make them ordinary and just monarch, that would be dealt with just like that.

Oluwo also advised the present administration to encourage farming, just as he reminded them that farming has gone far with a lot of researches and technology know-how, which according to him if urgently implemented, could salvage the country from further loosing our youths and potentials to the foreign trips.

He also advised that tourism should be embraced, citing examples of tourism attractions and sites that can be further developed and give us money.

“Let the foreigners too bring money from their countries and visit our tourist attractions like Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Ikogosi water spring in Erin Ijesha. We have zoos at the University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and many others”, Olori Oluwo said.

He also called on present administration to empower the activists to fully combat the problems in the land

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