July 20, 2024

July 20, 2024

Man Arrested And Paraded For Killing Monkey In Awka

A middle aged man was on Wednesday arrested by indigenes of Awka for killing a monkey.

Monkeys are known to be sacred animals in the entire Awka kingdom, and killing them is seen as a sacrilegious act.

Awka indigenes have a festival dedicated to the worship of Imo Awka god, which has its shrine in Amaenyi area of the town.

In the entire kingdom, it is nothing strange to see monkeys jumping about in people’s compounds without harassment.

The man who was arrested on Wednesday for killing the animal, was seen in a viral video confessing that he has lived in Awka for 24 years, and that he was aware that Awka people neither permits the killing or eating of monkeys.

He explained that he did not intentionally kill the monkey, rather he had set a trap in the bush, hoping to kill other bush meat to be used as delicacy, but unfortunately, it was the monkey that was trapped.

He said: “I know I have committed, please do not kill me, but you can take me anywhere you want.”

The indigenes interrogating him later saw reasons with him, and told him he would not be killed, but that the community will take steps to appease the god of the land because of his actions to avoid repercussions.

It was not clear where the man hailed from, or what his name was.

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