May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

LASG charges Agencies/Parastatals, Govt-Companies on Synergy and Self Sustenance

The Lagos State Government (LASG), has convened Heads of its Agencies/Parastatals, and Government-owned Companies seeking to fortify them on ways to become self sustaining and reliant, while reducing their dependency on the government.

The State Government also hampered on the necessity for synergy of efforts among the Agencies, Parastatals and Companies for successful implementation of the T H.E.M.E.+ agenda of the administration of Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu

The Agencies, Parastatals, and Companies Heads who gathered at a one day workshop on Friday convened by the Lagos State Parastatals Monitoring Office, were implored to harness synergy among among themselves while strengthening team work internally for re-engineering of systems for development.

In her address, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Parastatals Monitoring Office, Mrs. Adetutu Ososanya, harping on the theme tagged “The Power of Synergy”, said the crucial role to driving progress and achieving collective goals is by leveraging harmony to combine strength to overcome challenges.

According to her, “The Power of Synergy”, with a focused discussion on “Governance Advancement through Synergistic Deliverables”, underscores the crucial role collaboration plays in driving progress and achieving collective goals.

“Synergy, the harmonious integration of diverse elements, is not merely a concept but a catalyst for growth and success,” she said, explaining that by fostering collaboration, parastatals, agencies, and government-owned companies can leverage “combined strengths, resources, and expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.”

She charged the stakeholders to optimise synergy for efficiency, to minimize redundancy, and maximize the impact of initiatives.

“As heads of our respective organizations, it is incumbent upon us to embrace synergy as a guiding principle in our work. By working together seamlessly, we can optimize efficiency, minimize redundancy, and maximize the impact of our initiatives. Together, we can create a more responsive, resilient, and citizen-centric governance framework,” Ososanya said.

She said compliance measures would be put in place, while feedback mechanisms would be employed by the office to track performance and measure impacts of the workshop, towards achieving the intended objectives.

The Resource Person, Managing Director, Nisrel Consulting, Mr. Ope Amusan, speaking on “Governance Advancement Through Synergistic Deliverables”, said to improve efficiency and effectiveness of all Agencies, Parastatals, state-owned Companies, improving internal re – engineering was key to reduce dependency on government to be self – sustaining.

He mentioned that the relevant Heads must reproduce themselves as good products while in service for sustainability of good governance, giving credence to accountability, transparency and participation for the common good of all.

According to Amusan, achieving excellence of good governance is a function of cohesion in harmonizing ideas, thoughts and actions among agencies.

Mentioning that it was important to eliminate factors that inhibit working together, he noted that “nothing concrete can be achieved” until there is intra and inter agency synergy within and among government bodies and parastatals.

He emphasized on what he termed “Creating Great Team Culture”, mentioning that “we must create a great team consciousness where everybody is accommodated”, while arguing that the issue of synergy though may seem overflooded, “yet cannot be over treated.”

“Without us coming together, we are going no where,” he said, mentioning that only when synergy is been employed that most of the subsisting problems “would become a thing of the past.”

According to him, synergy among the agencies/parastatals and internal team work, was essential to solve problems, reduce communication gaps on projects, and strengthen productivity.

Amusan mentioned that the strength of the government is in the collective strength of each individual agency/parastatal, mentioning that the assertion that “the whole is greater than the part”, is a product of creative collaboration with collective strengths of all, for the greatness of the whole.

He charged the Agency heads not to stop learning, imploring them to work with clear visions, and hard work as the working of good governance is dependent on such perspectives and commitments.

The General Manager, Motor Vehicle Administration Agency, Lagos State, Rasheed Muri-Okunola applauded the efforts, mentioning the workshop was vitalising an important measure to boosting performance among Agencies/Parastatals and Government-owned companies.

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