May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Nigerians Go Haywire As Police Officer Holds A Plate Of Food For His Madam (Watch Video)

Nigerians on social media have condemned where a police officer who appeared to be offering protection to his madam was being made to carry the food she was being served at a party. (Watch Video Here)


In the video, the Police Officer held the food carefully up high like a waiter as he took decisive steps behind his madam. According to reports, the incident had occurred at a Turbanning party in Ilorin last weekend.


However, the action has generated serious reactions from Nigerians as they condemned such treatment.



kanayo.o.kanayo for instance condemned the act, stated emphatically that it was an insult to the Nigerian police force, he wrote; This is an insult on the Police. A shameful abuse of the uniform paid with tax payers money. If this could be seen in public then this Police officer will be less than an errand, pampers changing nit wit in her house.


king_kelvinmoore had this to say; Because you are rich and he works for you this nonsense someone who’s old to be your husband


fabulosgloria commented; So she can’t even carry HER OWN FOOD? HER OWN FOOD?. Nigerians clearly only dislike oppression when it doesn’t favor them cos when it does, they are full time oppressors. Cos what is this.


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